Hunting Towards Conservation was made in hopes of educating the viewer on the contributions that hunters make towards both land and animal conservation. This body of work also hopes to shed light on the species that have benefited from the money that hunters provide towards conservation. Whether you are familiar with hunting or not, it is important to understand how the majority of the money for conservation is obtained. Hunting Towards Conservation provides an opportunity to walk away with new information or a different perspective on the positive impact that hunting and hunters have on the ecosystem. The money from hunting licenses, as well as fishing licenses, goes directly towards conservation. Therefore, it is essential that hunters are supported because they support conserving our ecosystem. 
I have grown up around hunting my whole life and I never knew that the money from the hunting licenses goes towards the conservation of wildlife. If someone who has grown up around hunting did not know that, then how might someone who is unfamiliar with hunting know of the positive benefits provided? This work is an opportunity to bridge that gap and educate people on conservation through hunting.

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